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Frequentally Asked Questions
Question:        Are you a webmaster?
Answer:          Yes, at $125.00 per hour and up

My specialty is programming, setting up intial websites and integration.   I usually am better used to train the day-to-day webmasters who then operate the sites or find more economical ways to update basic every day information. 

Many times these people replace my name with their own as webmaster, or hire a friend to save money, however I still remain available as the company's consultant on matters of E-commerce and re-programming.
Frequently I am asked to come back into a company later to help out with new web technologies, or backup a webmaster who has left the company.   I also maintain some websites 100 percent all the time if they so choose.

I prefer this arrangement as I am focused on new E-Commerce programming developments on the Net.

I always  encourage companies to save money by training their employees on the web. 

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