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How to Estimate an Industry Standard Budget For Web Site Development
Rawson Web Contract
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Newsweek Magazine Feature Article
October 15th issue 2000.
Derik Rawson quoted a few years ago about E-mail
while working on E-commerce web sites in Paris, France.
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The Internet is Marketing!

Who do you want selling your product?  A computer guy? Your bookkeeper? Your friend down the street? An artist? A student?

 What happens when the Internet moves into serious software programming, multimedia and finally television? Who will sell your product then?

 Why not start a relationship now with someone who already has "hands on" experience in all areas of the Internet.   Pay them well and do it right.  You will save money, and you will learn from success, not mistakes.  Send us....


Rawson Web E-Commerce

Marketing Experience

W. Derik Rawson, a native and a resident of Houston, founded his television company after his graduation from college. He has been personally designing and producing national and international television commercials, films, and video in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, and London and Paris, for years.  Now he is applying these skills to the communication media called the Internet.

Computer Software and Internet Systems Experience

Mr. Rawson graduated from the University of California at Berkeley where he was in electrical engineering prior to becoming a cameraman, director, film editor, and finally a producer. He not only understands the Internet and its computer systems, but he was in school at Berkeley with the original engineering students who wrote the original BSD software on which the Internet runs today. He knows the people of the Internet, and he knows the systems.

National and International Experience

Mr. Rawson speaks French fluently and attended high school in Switzerland. He has produced films and television in many languages in many countries, including Spanish television commercials for CHEERIOS, a General Mills Product.

His clients include:

  • SESAME STREET in New York
  • PBS television documentaries (filmed in Paris, France and Europe)
  • and hundreds of television commercials for national clients
    • EXXON
    • MOLSON'S BEER (in Toronto, Canada)

Mr. Rawson's specialty is designing from REAL experience, films and videos that work in the marketplace. As a television producer, he has even designed and produced animation for SESAME STREET in New York through his company for the Children's Television Workshop (i.e.: "This is brought to you by the number 4") and "live-action" documentaries filmed:

  • About Italian Opera
  • On private railroad cars
  • and many more

Although Mr. Rawson films produced in New York have been rented by local PBS television stations on numerous occasions from the national PBS organization.

The bottom line is that Mr. Rawson has the in depth experience to position your company on the Internet where it should be in this international marketplace, and he can do it without you having to deal with computer gurus, or marketing genius's who give each other awards. The job, as Mr. Rawson sees it is to sell product, and keep customers happy. The expert after all is not the guru and not the genius, the expert is the customer, and the customer is ALWAYS RIGHT!

Mr. Rawson will be happy to consult with you about your next project. If you need to design and produce a film, video, or set up an Internet web site that really communicates please fill out our 


Thank you. 


W. Derik Rawson maintains his residence in Houston, Texas, his native city for tax reasons, and as a wonderful place to live. He operates in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto, Paris, and Houston.   His television company, RAWSON & RAWSON was founded and is owned by him 100 percent. The other Rawson was added to the logo to match the design of his other company RAWSON & WHITE, which he also owns 100 percent.  It produces hand drawn animation. Web pages are produced under W. Derik Rawson Web Design.

Rawson Web E-Commerce
2419 Brazoria Street 
Houston,  Texas

All Business Correspondence to Mailing Address:

Rawson Web E-Commerce
P.O. Box 130671
Houston, Texas 77219-0671

281-754-4315  Main Number Voice/Fax

E-Mail:              info@rawsonweb.com
Web Page         http://www.rawsonweb.com

W. Derik Rawson
713-522-0888 Direct

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Rawson Web E-Commerce
Design and Production for Graphics/Television and Internet 
Los Angeles - New York - Houston

Production of Animation for Sesame Street, New York 
National Television Commercials and PBS documentaries
W. Derik Rawson  Cameraman/Director/Editor/Producer

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  Monday September 4, 2006 11:47 PM