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February 2, 1997                    Fast Track Web News                Number 4 

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Financial Documents
on the Internet

Did Someone tell you that the Internet was not secure?

KPMG the largest accounting firm in the world announced last week that is will place ALL OF ITS FINANCIAL DOCUMENTS world-wide onto the Internet, replacing most of its paper. It will build this information system based on the new "off-the shelf" NETSCAPE products, which offer digital signatures ( as reliable as a signature on paper), and various secure transmission devices. All of this same technology is now available to any company using the Internet for commerce.

What is a Digital Signature?

A digital signature is a secret code given to you by a third party who has met you and the recipient personally. No one else has this code. You send the code along with your documents. The third party verifies to the recipient who you are, and verifies to you who received your letter. This way there is no doubt who is talking to whom. A digital signature will carry the exact same weight as a signed document.

Why is the Internet suddenly secure?

All codes can be broken, but the more combinations that can be created, the more time it takes for a computer "hacker" to guess the right combination. A high combination code built with 128 numbers instead of normal 32 or 64 might require a billion dollar super computer to run for 3 months just to crack one code. A "hacker" just cannot afford the computer time to break a high combination single code. It is not worth it financially.

In the past, the US government was not allowing the higher combination codes used by the military to be exported for business outside the US. Now, however, the regulations have been eased. The higher combination codes are no longer classified by the US government as "munitions". Now international companies can use these codes legally.

Other news

The other day I was at Crostinis's Restaurant having lunch with a French colleague. He said that he was not sure whether the Internet was headed for television. To make a point, I opened up my TOSHIBA laptop, dialed up the Internet on my GTE Cellular phone, clicked on a web page in Paris, and there it was!

My friend and I watched real time video of the French Evening News direct from Paris!........ in French of course, right out of the air, on cellular.

The Internet is moving very fast. Whatever it is, it probably can be done now.

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