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Virtual webstores

The following are just a few of the Virtual webstores which were originally designed and created by Rawson Web as E-Commerce projects. Some sites are now very successful and are being run day-to-day by major corporations "in-house" or by hired webmasters. Our function was to get them on the air and working. Detailed documentation on the complete history of the development of these websites created by Rawson Web is available by request if it does not violate the privacy of these companies.

Live Real Time "On-Line" Current Information
Customer and Product Inventory Catalog Information
Financial Transactions Directly into the Banking System
A Custom Internet Administration Interface to all On-Line Records

Tradecast.com now Ameritrade.com | Acewatchinc.com

Credit Card Transactions via secure server
urbanretreat.com| executivefineart.com

Rawson Web offers a set of Complete "Turn Key" Web Store Packages which includes everything you need to operate a virtual business on a website (Internet provider service not included).  The Basic Set Up Fee to start a Beginner's Virtual Web Store which will allow you to do E-Commerce immediately using your existing Visa/Mastercard accounts with a limited catalog of key items for sale with pictures etc. is $ 2,500.00 US.  You can then elect to pay us a minium monthly retainer of $250.00 per month, at $125.00 per hour per 8 1/2 by 11 inch web page to complete your catalog of 20 more web pages, or you can use our time to train your staff to create additional web pages. Starting prices for Intermediate Web Stores and up are half their total budgets for set up, with two twenty-five percent progress payments until completed.

Beginner's Web Store   $5,000.00

Products onWeb Pages can be ordered via secure transactions Credit Card

urbanretreat.com | executivefineart.com

Intermediate Web Store   $7,500.00

Includes small database and other convenience features


Sophisticated Web Store   $10,000.00

Includes larger database and more convenience features

Full Featured Web Store  $10,000.00 to $50,000.00

Includes sophisticated database management

tradecast.com   now   ameritrade.com

Note: Does not include the flat rate fee of a Business Internet Provider, estimated to cost $50.00 per month or more, nor the cost of web site updates, which like, a mailing list update, can require changes of up to one-third  of original cost  each year to maintain.   Your employees can be trained to do these updates to save money.

Please fill in your information below if your are interested in creating a webstore. Look in you E-mail box for an automatic response from us which will also give you a FREE list of items which you will need to provide to any professional to begin work on your web site. This list will help you get your web site organized much faster.

Thank you for visiting the rawsonweb.com web site.

W. Derik Rawson

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