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The Tango World Wide Events Calendar database is maintained by your subscription fees. The idea is to make it really easy for all dancers to share accurate and timely information on tango dancing around the world here in a single place in a standard format, using personal computers, laptops, and mobile phones.
The advantages of the calendar are:
You can post your own cell phone or digital camera picture images, soundtracks and even very short video clips for each event announcement and have it all organized the same way.

Note: Only members will be able to watch the videos and hear the soundtracks in most cases.

When a Tango World Wide member makes a posting, you know for sure who is talking. Members must be exactly who they say they are, or they loose their membership.
If Tango World Wide members do not stay current with their own information, then other known members on the local scene may help keep them current.

Note: Anonymous public postings to Tango World Wide are not reliable sources of good information.

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